Mount for exchangeable laminated signboards

Our innovative mount for laminated signboards combines a whole bunch of advantages:

easy to handle signs may be exchanged easily and quickly
robust few possibilities for vandals
easy to mount several options for mounting on different backgrounds
weatherproof only stainless materials,
tested under severe freezing conditions
easy to clean durable coloured coating (more than 200 colours available)
secure 14 different fasteners available
lightweight less than 800g (1.7 lb) for a mount for DIN A4 signs
(cf. specification)
sustainable mount is reusable
safe to operate outside edges are rounded
flexible different sizes available
custom-made special designs possible
(e.g. different front cutting)
affordable block pricing, sponsor may be printed on the mount

Please ask us for a non-binding proposal that is adjusted to your needs: info@zoolution.de

Design of (laminated) signboards and information panels available on request.